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Friday, December 22, 2006

Good user facing CMS

Allowing users to do their own content management is difficult to get right from a usability standpoint. I've been working on a form that allows users of to build custom email reminders that will go out to the venues they are scheduled to play.

The first goal is to make it clean and simple to understand. The challenge is to achieve the first goal while still giving the user enough wiggle room that they end up with a product they are happy with.

Here is what I came up with for the email -

I like the way this turned out. The system has control over most of the email, even the dynamic part like band name and show date. Then there is a text box right in the middle of the email. This gives the user a feel for what the final email will look like as they are creating it. I made the background of the email just a little off of white, so the white background of the text field gets pushed to the foreground. That makes it more obvious that there is an area for the user to edit.

What do you think?

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