Change is coming to how we get the radio we listen too. Radio listeners will go from having 10 choices on their radios to thousands. Good times, good times.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Eventful is a great tool

Using Eventful.coms api is about the best tool I know of for bands to get show announcements across the internet. Its powerful because not only does your show get listed on Eventful's site, but other sites use the api to fill in content on their site too. I've even seen more creative uses of Eventful data like Podbop. When people talk about Web 2.0, they are talking about things like Eventful letting other sites access and contribute to its event database. A very cool thing.

I've just pushed an update to 4gauge that allows bands to submit new shows they create to Eventful. It brings a lot of power and usefulness to the site.

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