Change is coming to how we get the radio we listen too. Radio listeners will go from having 10 choices on their radios to thousands. Good times, good times.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Open Moko

Lots of buzz today about the Apple Phone. It looks like quite a machine. I must say though that I'm more excited about this offereing from OpenMoko. Roughly the same form factor (probably not quite as sexy, though) and it runs Linux.

I spend about half my time on OSX, and the other half on Ubuntu. I really do prefer the Gnome interface. I know that I'm probably one in a group of about one who feels this way, but thats the way it is. Long live competition that dirves innovation.

One gadget from Apple that I may have a harder time saying no to is iTV. Are those shows on iTunes that you pay for commercial free? If so, I wonder how long they will stay that way.

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